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Are you looking for support and Microsoft Dynamics 365 services? Altasoft ends your tiring chase!

Our Microsoft Dynamics team is talented, certified, and experienced in creating scalable and seamless solutions to suit your business objectives. With our professional help, your company can reach the potential you have always dreamt of achieving.

With Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can speed up your business success by assessing unexplored solutions and customising existing ones.

Invest in our Microsoft Dynamics 365 Services to extend your business solutions with great extensions and support.

Altasoft is a leading Microsoft Dynamics 365 Services Provider that can assist you in empowering your organisation. We support both Microsoft Dynamics on Premise and in the Cloud.

Give Your Business a Competitive Edge With AltaSoft Microsoft Dynamics 365 Services

With years of experience in Microsoft Dynamics 365 consulting and Dynamics solutions, we have assisted clients in increasing business productivity, developing stronger customer relationships, streamlining the sales process, and staying on the right track. We leave no stone unturned to deliver results.

Achieving business objectives can be daunting at times. To help you get there, we have developed a reliable Microsoft Dynamics 365 Services team that ingrains digital intelligence in your business processes. We provide the best Microsoft Dynamics Services in the market. You can rest assured that you’ll have the best talent working for you.

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AltaSoft: The Partner You Can Trust With Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM & Business Central

We specialize in CRM and Business Central modules. Having accomplished countless successful Dynamics 365 implementations, customisations, developments, and support projects, we are your go-to Dynamics 365 expert. We don’t have to emphasise it enough, but with AltaSoft, you can manage costs more effectively (even on a tight budget).

Extend Your Potential With Altasoft

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Services

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Services team at AltaSoft offers a vast array of reliable solutions that can help transform your sales and business processes, customising them to your specifications and needs.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Consulting

SplashDev has Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Consultants who can assist you in pushing your enterprise competencies by addressing performance issues and other challenges. We can help optimize your business operations and improve accessibility.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation

Throughout the life of a project, our certified Microsoft Dynamics 365 Consultants and Developer offer a breezy implementation experience, resolving any and every business flow issue and workflow insufficiencies. Owing to years of experience and hard work, our team understands that each implementation of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution is unique; that’s why we strategise it to fit your company’s needs and existing processes.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customization

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customisation enables you to improve the management of your client relationships and automate your business processes.

AltaSoft ensures that your business has a customised and targeted Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation strategy that accommodates your immediate purpose.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Migration

AltaSoft proficient team employs the ideal migration procedures to assist you in migrating from rather inefficient frameworks to Microsoft Dynamics 365. AltaSoft assists businesses in effectively, efficiently, and securely transferring data with the slightest downtime while supporting improved user adoption. This ensures better performance, enhanced capabilities, better flexibility, and increased ROI.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration

Does the thought of integrating your Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution with some other software give you sleepless nights? Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration is no joke! The experts at AltaSoft can assist you in seamlessly and quickly integrating your digital prototype with the platforms you have in mind. With our services backing your business, you can count on smooth and uninterrupted data flow across applications. Our team handles integration with extreme caution to protect your important data.

What AltaSoft

Can Do For You


Project Pre-Planning and Project Management


Integration and Customisation


Systems installation and production readiness


Conference room pilot preparation and validation


Business Process Mapping and Gap-fit analysis


Data migration


Functional Design


User training & education


Technical Design


Post go-live support


6-Steps for Successful Implementation


We evaluate what you have at the moment and address your pain points.


We look at where you want to be and create a gap analysis to ensure the drive there doesn’t hit any roadblocks.


We design solutions that complement your business needs.


Where out of the box fails to cut it, we develop ways to get desired results,


When everything is completed, we test your solution thoroughly. Once we are sure that everything is in place, we move it to the live environment.

Go Live & Operations

Now it is time to Go Live. Everything is done as expected, and your solution is up and running.

Why Choose AltaSoft Software Solutions?

AltaSoft is a well-known Microsoft Dynamics 365 Service provider, adept in offering Consultancy, Development, and Support Service. Our proficiency stretches to Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Business Central. We have a proven track record of providing apt Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions tailored to clients’ requirements.

To achieve this, we structure the finest collaboration architecture for your organisation after closely reviewing your preferences and goals while sticking to a predefined budget. Our experienced and skilled team of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM consultants is the added personnel you need to get the job done.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 FAQs

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a well-established cloud-based medium of business applications that combines CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) elements, as well as productivity apps and AI tools.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is available both on Premise and in the Cloud. AltaSoft supports both versions.

Dynamics 365 Business Central is an ERP software solution that profoundly helps you automate business tasks, collaborate effectively, and drive growth. It can help you streamline your daily finances and operations.