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At AltaSoft we help you to find the right developer(s) to extend your team or to work on your project.

We are not just a database with CVs. We are providing the personal touch to our relationship. Together we search for the right person to extend your team and make your project a success.

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IT staff augmentation services

What is IT Staff Augmentation?

Staff augmentation is one of the outsourcing models that allows to hire tech talent globally and to managing augmented teams.


When comparing staff augmentation vs. outsourcing, there is one key difference to point out. According to the outsourcing model, the provider needs to deliver a mobile or web app at a defined price, and staff augmentation provides developers at a defined price for hours of work. Recruiting and hiring in-house employees isn’t the only option for most companies all over the world.


Following the rules of IT staffing, the company can hire staff for a particular project. For example, you’re going to develop an app, and you need five developers and three UX designers, but you have only one developer and one designer. Finding and hiring four in-house developers and two UX designers may take 2-3 months, postponing the launch of your app and requiring more time and money.

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IT Staff Augmentation with AltaSoft

AltaSoft Software Solutions is specialized in IT Staff Augmentation. We have a large pool of Software Developers, Business Analysts, Project Managers and other roles that are available to support you in your project.

If it comes to IT Staff Augmentation the following always comes first with AltaSoft: quality and costs. Together with you we find the right match for your project. When you are in need to fill a role, we provide you several options to choose from. Together we will go through the interviews and support you during the entire process, until we found the right match.

During the selection process we look at seniority, quality, availability, company culture and what more. Often we integrate our people in your team, so we need to make sure that also from a company culture perspective we have the right match. 

Your Success is Our Success is our motto. therefore we will do everything within our power to make you successful.

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Affordable IT staff augmentation services

Staff augmentation as a tool

Staff augmentation is a powerful model that companies can leverage to increase flexibility and respond to the changing needs of the business world. And it can be used not only for IT needs but across other industries as well. Besides, there are many other outsourcing models you can utilize for your business: managed services, independent contractors, dedicated teams, etc. Here’s a short table where we can compare the following outsourcing models.

AltaSoft can provide different models for your sourcing requirements. We can provide Outsourcing or Staff Augmentation. Both with their pros and cons. Depending on your needs we can select the right model for you and get started with your project.

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