IT Staff Augmentation Services

Cross-functional teams, Budget-friendly solutions

Get the right IT Professionals on board with AltaSoft.

ALTASOFT SOLUTIONS is a leader in IT staff augmentation services. AltaSoft provides cost-effective staffing solutions for all your IT staffing needs. 

Our professional team works with you to find the right fit for your project and company. Simplify your hiring process and outsource the bureaucracy to us, while you can focus on the things that matter.

IT Staff Augmentation Explained

IT Staff Augmentation is a method used by companies to hire suitable staff for short- or longer projects. Instead of the complexity of hiring international staff on your payroll, you outsource both the hiring and HR activities to AltaSoft.

AltaSoft, as your IT staff augmentation partner, will take over all these activities for you, while you can focus on your project.

We know that your success depends on hiring the right people for the right job. We help your company deal with its staffing problems. First, we agree on the type of profiles you want to hire. Then we help you selecting them, go through the HR process, bring them on-board and take care of the payroll.

This way you always have the right people in your team, with the least risk of hiring. It’s simple!

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How Does AltaSoft's IT Staff Augmentation Services Work?

We are glad you asked! 

At AltaSoft, we understand that your people are the most important asset you have. That is why we offer our IT Staff Augmentation Services. We bring people on board in a fast way. We check for their capabilities, qualities, culture and more, before we introduce them to you.

We take care of the entire process from hiring to on-boarding. All this in a personal and affordable way. We help your team collaborate and work together more efficiently.

By using AltaSoft IT Staff Augmentation Services, you can ensure that you bring the right people on board with the right capabilities and attitude. We provide our clients with a roadmap from the need to on-boarding. We will take care of the entire process. Is your project completed successfully? Great, then we will take the IT Professionals back and bring them into another project.

When you hire us to augment your IT staff, we will take care of everything from finding new hires to managing onboarding and onwards. We’ll also make sure that the new hires are properly trained so that they can hit the ground running and start contributing right away.

Even the hassle of payroll, vacation days, illness of employees, we will take care of it all.

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What Does Our IT Staff Augmentation for Business Include?

At AltaSoft, we understand the complexity of hiring and on-boarding employees and contractors. We are here to help you build your dream team. Let us do the Staff Augmentation so you can focus on your work.

Affordable IT staff augmentation services

Our service includes:


Scoping your project needs and requirements


Provide you with the right profiles of IT Professionals


Setup the interviews and help you manage the discussions


Test your new IT Professionals


Taking care of Human Resource related matters


Payroll, on-boarding, off-boarding, replacements,…


Our IT Staff Augmentation Process

4 Steps to Successful IT Staff Augmentation

Place a Staffing Request

Fill out the form and tell us more about your needs. Once we received the form we will review and get in touch with you to plan am meeting to discuss our staff augmentation offering and your needs in detail. 

Get Access to our Portal

Once we have discussed your needs we will give you access to our staff augmentation portal. The portal is an easy to use environment, where you can find a large amount of IT Professionals looking for a new challenge.

Select the Right Candidate(s)

After you selected the candidates, we will organise an interview between you and the IT Professional. AltaSoft will not take part in this call, but just takes care of the logistics. This way you can have a private conversation, without the hastle of planning and organizing.

Hire the Right Candidate

With our IT staff augmentation services, you can hire the right staff for your company or project and get them on board quickly. After you interviewed the candidates, we will take care of the rest. Payroll, bureaucracy and other time consuming matters, will all be taken care of by AltaSoft. 

AltaSoft Staff Augmentation Servicesstudies your company, it’s culture, and what you are working on, and then we find people who can help you. Our people stay with you until the job done. We will manage your full sourcing needs and assure availability. That’s why we love to work with you, to make you successful and simplify your hiring needs.

What are the Paybacks of IT Staff Augmentation Services?

If you are looking for an IT professional who can deliver quality staffing services at a competitive cost, then you should consider hiring the services of AltaSoft Solutions. The following benefits will help you make this decision:

Improved Productivity

With AltaSoft IT staff augmentation services, you do not have to worry anymore about the entire hiring process. 

Do not waste a lot of time on on-board and off-boarding. We are ready from day 1 to take on the challenge together with you. 

Quality staff

AltaSoft staff augmentation means you have the best IT Professionals working on your projects. We do not go for second best. 

All IT Professionals we provide to you are vetted and selected as being best in class. 

No extra documentation

Get rid of the bureaucracy and all the paperwork of hiring people. 

AltaSoft takes care of the contracts, payroll, onboarding, reporting and so forth. 

This gives you the possibility to focus on what you do best: build great software solutions. 

Lesser Costs

IT staff augmentation services are a perfect way to reduce costs and increase efficiency. 

We take on most of the overhead costs involved. This way you can exactly budget the costs for your projects and make your budget fit your hiring needs.


Why Choose AltaSoft Staff Augmentation?

Ideal for all Types of Businesses

Our service is ideal for businesses large and small. We provide cost-effective staffing solutions for both your company or project. Our professional team will work with you to find the right fit for your business, which means you can focus on your work instead of complex hiring processes.

AltaSoft Start-up Program

Starting a new company is a hard thing to do. Obviously there are many budget restraints and as an Entrepreneur you have many things to do. Ask about our special program for Start-ups. We provide special flexible conditions and a very competitive cost model for those that are running a new business.

Professional Hiring Process

We at AltaSoft Solutions know how hard it can be to find the right people for your business. You have to spend time on the recruiting process, and you need to be sure that you are getting the person who will be effective in their role. But with our staff augmentation services, you don't have to do any of this. We take care of everything so that you can focus on what is important for growing your business.

Improves Efficiency

Our services help businesses like yours reduce costs by allowing them to hire more efficiently, no more long-term contracts or complicated processes! Instead, we give flexibility in terms of both hiring and replacement.

Quick Staffing Solutions

We also make it easy for companies like yours to find the right people based on their needs, rather than having to go through a formal hiring process. That means no extra paperwork or long delays between candidates being hired and replaced.


When it comes to taking your business to the next level, you probably will consider thinking about how to get there. You might have even considered hiring an outside team to help you with some of the technical aspects of your business.

If your existing development team is not enough to meet your technical parameters, and you find it hard to hire new people then you need IT augmentation services for your company.

At AltaSoft Solutions, we help you go through the hiring process, after you screened out candidates. We provide any profile of IT Professionals you need. Once you decide upon the number of candidates to be hired, we take care of administrative support and employee retention as well. We will make sure that you have the IT Professionals you need to manage your business effectively.

When it comes to helping you with for example mobile app developer, we have a large database of potentials candidates. We don’t just provide staff augmentation service but we find and work with developers who are passionate about what they do and want to help you get your apps at the right time out into the world.

Staff augmentation refers generally to the process of adding more employees to an existing workforce. This means that staff augmentation can refer to either an increase in the number of people working for an organization or an increase in the number of employees working for one company.


Outsourcing is the practice of hiring contractors who are not employed by the company but instead work for it. However both work towards increasing your team’s capabilities.

The pricing policy of AltaSoft Solutions for staffing services is straight forward:

  • Fixed, all inclusive costs
  • Flexible pricing based on your needs in terms of the number of employees and the type of service you want to hire them for.
  • No hidden fees