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AltaSoft is a Romanian company that offers industry-leading software development, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Business Central supportoutsourcing, website development, SEO and IT staff augmentation services

We have an extensive pool of expert tech professionals who are adept in the latest technologies and can work on any project, from web and mobile applications to cloud and AI solutions.

With our presence in Romania, Austria, Bulgaria and the USA, you can be sure that we are always there when you need us.

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AltaSoft IT Staff Augmentation

Engaging Creative Minds In Technology

Web Designers, UI/UX designers, frontend and backend developers, you name it, we have the best talents available for you.

AltaSoft - World Class Technology Expert

World-Class Tech Experts

In the fast-paced and ever-changing field of technology, it is essential to have experts who can keep up with the latest developments and challenges. Our world-class tech experts possess an exceptional understanding of complex technology systems and have the ability to apply their expertise to solve intricate problems, ultimately driving innovation and shaping the future of technology. They are not only proficient in their technical domains, but also creative and visionary in finding new ways to improve and advance technology.


Software Development Services

We offer a variety of professional skills and approaches to create and maintain custom software solutions that suit your business goals and needs. Whether you need a new software system, a redesign of an existing one, or ongoing support and maintenance, we have the expertise and experience to deliver high-quality solutions that are tailored to your specific requirements and constraints.

AltaSoft - Digital Innovation

Digital Innovation

This illustrates in detail how our organization has a strong and unwavering commitment to making use of the most advanced and state-of-the-art technologies and applying creative and innovative strategies to conceive, design, and deliver distinctive and unparalleled digital solutions that can have a significant and lasting impact on the way we carry out our core business functions, communicate and collaborate with our valued customers, and foster and support sustainable growth and development in the long term.

Who We Are?

We are AltaSoft. 

At AltaSoft, we are more than just a company. We are a partner that can help you achieve your IT goals.


Whether you need staff augmentation, outsourcing, or web design, we have the expertise and the global presence to deliver.


Our developers are the best in the industry, and they are ready to join your team. They have the skills, the experience, and the passion to create innovative solutions for your business. No matter where you are, we are there to support you.

AltaSoft for Staff Augmentation, Software Development, Web Design and more
Altasoft Software Solutions

Our Services

IT Staff Augmentation

Are you looking for extra software development talent to speed up your projects and meet your deadlines? If so, you might want to consider our IT Staff Augmentation framework. This is a flexible and cost-effective solution that allows you to access skilled and experienced developers who can handle any project type, no matter how complex or large.

With our IT Staff Augmentation framework, you can choose from a wide range of personnel, from individual specialists in specific technologies to versatile teams with diverse roles and skills. You can also scale up or down your team size as per your project needs and budget. And the best part is, you can try us out for free for the first week and see the quality of our work for yourself!

Software Development

Congratulations! You have successfully scaled up your IT team with staff augmentation. You have taken a smart step to optimize your resources and meet your business goals. Now, you are ready for the next level: outsourcing.

Do you have a brilliant idea, but no one to turn it into a product? Do you have a vision, but lack the technical expertise to make it happen? Is your project stuck in the middle, but you have no one to complete it? Do you face challenges, delays, or quality issues with your in-house development?

You want software development to be handled by competent, meticulous professionals while you can focus on your core business? Are you interested in leveraging the best practices, tools, and methodologies in the

Microsoft Dynamics 365

If you are looking for a reliable and professional Microsoft Dynamics partner, you have come to the right place. With our Microsoft Dynamics Team, you get the best of both worlds: expertise and dedication.

Whether you need Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM or Business Central, in the Cloud or on Premise, we have you covered. We can help you with any aspect of your Microsoft Dynamics project, from planning and design to deployment and training.

Our team of self-motivated developers, consultants, and support agents will ensure your Microsoft Dynamics project is a success. They have the skills, experience, and passion to deliver solutions that meet your business needs and exceed your expectations.

Web Design & Hosting

Do you want a website that reflects your company's vision and values? A website that showcases your products or services in an appealing way? A website that stands out from the crowd and makes a lasting impression?

At AltaSoft, we have the skills and experience to turn your web dreams into reality. We offer customized web design and development packages that suit your needs and budget. Whether you need a simple landing page or a complex e-commerce site, we can handle it.

Marketing & SEO

Having a stunning website with amazing graphics is a great way to showcase your brand and products, but it won't guarantee that you'll get a lot of visitors. In today's competitive online market, you need more than just a beautiful design. You need a smart and effective marketing strategy that can help you reach your target audience and increase your conversions.

That's where we come in. We offer professional and affordable Marketing and SEO services that can boost your online presence and visibility.

How we work

The AltaSoft Process


We invent through imagination, exploration, and relentless innovation.


We build with precision, expertise, and innovation.


We launch with excitement, preparation, and strategic execution.


We evolve by adapting, learning, and embracing continuous improvement.

What is the best way to outsource software development?

Six Steps to Outsourcing Software Development:

Define your development objectives

Examine your requirements

Define your budget and timeline.

Look into outsourcing countries

Select your future software outsourcer

Sign a contract and get the development process started

How We Work

Why AltaSoft?



With custom software development outsourcing and IT staff augmentation expertise, AltaSoft can help you stay light-years ahead of your competitors. We’ve created every conceivable type of software for diverse verticals, from concept to implementation, and we outperform our competitors in terms of speed, security, and quality.



The competition is ruthless. If you take your eye off the ball for even a second, your market share will quickly drop significantly.


Custom Solutions

We create custom software for companies of all sizes, from startups to enterprises, and collaborate with stakeholders to understand the goal, avoid bottlenecks, and maximize ROI.

Our Company


Here, we have gathered a list of commonly asked questions from our customers, and we have used these questions to explain some key terms that may cause confusion. We hope you find the following information useful. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any queries!

AltaSoft for Staff Augmentation, Software Development, Web Design and more

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